June 5, 2010

last free weekend of the summer.

and i choose to sleep. really.
i worked 7:30am-6:30pm friday and saturday and i've exhausted myself.

school starts monday, and i'm reeeally happy. i don't know why i get such a thrill out of school but i do. and i think i'm gonna start running 4 miles every day starting monday after class too. this sounds absolutely terrible but i'm not gonna be able to see my friends as much because of school... and i've really been meaning to lose weight this summer. i started a new office job and since then i feel like blah. those words exactly too. i know it needs to be my diet too, but it seems since i've lived here and get to take advantage of not having to grocery shop and save the money all i'll eat for lunch is either leftovers or lunch meat. and i'm slowly becoming an enemy of lunch meat now cause i believe now it takes like i'm eating plastic! GUH! yuck. anyway, so diet change, and exercise. BEGINS MONDAY.


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