September 2, 2010


was a very good day. 
it began with a smart breakfast, and: 


this evening, i went into a bit of mental shock, but i'm hoping after some rest and another good breakfast in the morning... maybe even some good exercise, i'll be all better. 

ending my night, i want to share this video with you, because it is incredibly touching. what an amazing God we serve... He goes beyond all our faults, every human mistake we choose in our daily lives. i don't think i ever realize the depth and meaning God our father did when he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, upon that cross. every bit of grace and love comes from Him. he deserves my praise, honor and reverence daily.

God never had a birthday, and he never experienced an identity crisis. i wonder how many times i've let myself just blame God instead of giving him the praise, honor and all the reverence that he truly deserves. i feel loved and encouraged when Chan says that God isn't merely waiting for us to come back to him or to draw near to him. he commands us to spend time with him because it is good for us. 

i'm trying to understand from reading colossians that i'm receiving prayer daily. being scared of not being able to fit every moment in for him isn't easy. he is my love and i want to do anything i can to serve him. i'm hoping these deep feelings will progress into something good... a stronger level of maturity. 

for now i must get rest. 
i've talked myself into the night, holy moly!

oh i forgot, here's the video:

the awe factor


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