November 21, 2010

waking up to JET.

what i woke up to, again, this morning. i think i need a good change.

on other notes, this weekend has been pretty lazy so far. yesterday i slept til 1pm and couldn't believe when my mom called to tell me that it was actually 1pm and maybe i should get up. so i got up- and reorganized nearly the entire house. i feel like this little place of mine is finally the way i want it, with the things that i do have. it makes me happy to be here. last night i made dinner for friends, then we went to see RED. another good movie. then i slept til 7 this morning. i feel incredibly refreshed, but this afternoon is back to the elbow grease- need to focus in these last few weeks of school.

on an encouraging note, Piper says: "your value in Him is your value."
and reading, listening to Paul speak to the ephesians in ch. 5. good, encouraging and positive things.


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