November 2, 2011


its been the most perfect, beautiful weather ever. so crisp and cleeeean outside.
i always think to myself, "how can anybody resist being outside, on perfect days like these!?" luckily, i don't know many (if not very few) people who don't enjoy being outdoors. i love my friends. i love my family. i love my JESUS.

lately i've made it a routine that aftr my runs i'll walk my dog. to stretch out after ya know. so we walked. and i turned on a podcast - cause - it's been a while.
i had to stop about 20 minutes in just to pray...

and THANK God for my salvation.
i am so thankful. and there are sooo many reasons. thankfully, there's eternity to look forward to, so that way we can be singing HIM praises and our truest appreciations forevermore. one reason i'm truly thankful, is for the cross of Christ. oh, man. if he hadn't come... if he hadn't died upon the cross to save us from our crooked ways... and then powerfully resurrected from the tomb to heaven into his father's merciful arms. i wouldn't be here.

i'm glad (and thankful) that i know a God who has a plan for all of us. and that his plan was written before time ever existed. that he knew us before conception. he knew my heart. he knew my plans and how i would desire to follow hard after him. oh, and he knew... that his plan after my life here on earth, was to bring me back to him into his merciful arms, and i would praise him forever more.

so many different religions testify to be "unsure" of where they're going after this life. even their gods will tesify that! oh, but my God and his son Jesus know where i'm headed. and another thing i'm to be happy, excited and thankful about... is that i'm going to see my Jesus when my physical body leaves. and praise him. FOR STINKING EVER! amen. i can't wait. but back to the confidence thing - THANK YOU JESUS!

on another note...

it's incredible here! the weather, the leaves! the fall, the cold chilllly weather and getting all dressed up for it. mmmmm. it's love.

i'm so happy to be getting together with my new friends Natalie & Brittany tonight. so so excited! we're going to a coffee bar (Bloom... i don't know why i like calling it the coffee bar), and hanging out and reading. ahh... life. thank you Lord.

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