March 7, 2012

A bit of optimism.

My life. Wow.

School has been so chaotic for me and the long haul of studying for hours will finally come to an end in April!! I'll have three months of school-OFF. And I can't wait. By that time I will have completed 18 credit hours in 5 months. A definite mile marker for me, something I have never done!

In all this craziness, I have started feeling so guilty of putting exercise and running on the back burner of my life. It's sort of depressing. So, I decided I needed a bit of optimism in my life, especially since I'm beginning to notice the results of not exercising for a few months.
So I'm switching it up! I raided my closet tonight and pulled out different flats, skirts, tights, belts and cardigans. It was a lot of fun. Recently I bought a new pair of wedges - and I love them. It's so tempting to want to go out and get more cardigans, tights, flats and skirts saying that it's some kind of necessity or retail therapy. It'll only be for a short season though, so no need right?!
Heres a few pics of what I put together tonight:

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this last week and all I can think about is how much I'm missing out on some pretty cool runs!! I can't wait to see if there are any ways to get involved in little runs in Sacramento or Roseville. I used to everytime there was something going on in Tyler and I kind of miss it.

Hope it's been a good day for whomever's reading this.

Good night!

Ps. If you haven't watched it already, this video is really worth every moment. Please check it out!

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