July 8, 2010


i enjoy using big words for fun. and you can do so by visiting thesaurus.com. they also have a fun little daily crossword puzzle to wrap your mind around if you're too bored.
if there was anything i took with me from my english course this summer, it was that i desperately need to prioritize my life. (no, that was not another "big" word.) if work and school is something i need in my life, then i must grasp that i have to focus on those two things (ALONE) with everything i have in me.

i give myself away too much. i tell myself that i have ten arms when, really, i only have two. and those two arms need sleep, food and restoration. my body needs time to relax from a long and exhausting day.
meanwhile, speaking of rest, it's almost ten and i've gotten noo sleep this week. work begins early in the morning and if i don't go to bed NOW i may pass out of sleep deprivation.

still love ya,

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