July 15, 2010


"what to do? WHAT to do?" asked the shoe.

i think i'll read a book. the name is "Beyond Belief to Conviction" by Josh McDowell. i'm sorta excited about this. when i think i don't have anything better to do, now, i'll have this book to read. i love buying books- and especially, ESPECIALLY, on amazon. it's so much fun! this book i bought today was a penny. a little, tiny, copper penny! okay... i'm very excited. maybe because i'll get to dream again, and enjoy myself. haha, that may sound like i haven't been enjoying myself. i have and i hope you believe me. there's something different about reading a book though- something that let's me drift off into a whole different person.

so i'm excited. and maaaybe i'll even read by the pool tomorrow!! AWESOME!

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