October 30, 2010

new day

what am i doing ONLINE!?!?!?
right now it is 2:03AM and i'm a little worried of myself at the moment.
i guess it was some maajor priority of mine to create, design and reorganize this little blog-life of mine. whatever!!

i keep gazing around my bedroom, and at all the encouragements i have. i'll take a few pictures of my lovely apartment and post soon.

what changed?? the entirety of this last week has been kind of insane... it changed in so many good ways!! ok, to be honest there were some things that are actually very depressing right now, but i haven't really let it get to me (unless i'm venting and then i get excited a little lol) and have absolutely been DIGGING the scriptures lately. oh my goodness it's like i just CANNOT GET ENOUGH!!! seriously. seriously. as Michael Bartuco (my friend from elementary school aka. my mom's crush) would say "i'm serious guys!" in the most honest to god, undeniable, complete voice ever. On Tuesday, I was encouraged twice from two different people to be reading through Job's life. two completely different people that it threw me overboard... also it made me remember that whenever i was in high school i read through the book of Job almost 10 times i think? so i claimed it as God-sent. and then... i was encouraged to read through psalm 144- and i did just the other night. maybe not through the whole thing, but bits and pieces. come on, how DID david do it? his words are like honey, and i wonder if god ever told him in heaven that his words were sweet to his lips? so very good.

this last week has overwhelmed me. with scripture readings, different encouragements, minor brutality, and just the feeling that god is really taking care of me- all brings this inner peace to my heart that makes it oh so excited about life. then i remember to take it easy, calm down, and just praise god. thank you sweet Lord.

just like the eagles told all of us- i'm going to try and take it easy.
night world.

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