July 26, 2011


today i'm thankful for good friends and good hearts. this last weekend my friends Phil and Julianne (in the upper left hand corner of pic) were in Tyler for the weekend, and we got to sit around, having coffee (and lots of water). it was just soooooo good to hear about their life now, and to talk about things are happening in all our lives. i love just being able to catch up, over coffee. anyday.

on another note, saturday night cody and i went with his friends to a big car meet. all these people get together, eat dinner together, and after go talk about their cars (some, racecars). i don't know too much about them - but what i do know, is they are FAST. so fast. when we were headed back home to Tyler - i even got to ride in cody's friends' $80,000 Viper. he didn't ride in it fast, which is good cause i would've been praying for my life! but it was so incredibly smooth, and nice inside. that night was fun.

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