January 6, 2016

Recharge & Restart

Luke 14:25-35

Check out verse 28. I feel like that verse can be applied to any dating/engagement/marriage relationship. Do we, as individuals going into it, count the cost of what will make/break the relationship? And what choices will we make, individually, to prevent a break in the relationship from happening?

We need to build the foundation in our own hearts and relations with people on a daily basis and somehow think about how we can bring those outside positive choices in those outside relations with others, into our homes.

Why does it seem like communicating and living around people outside of our home can be so much easier some days? Why does it seem tougher after we come home? Those days that we are stressed out, wigged out and down right exhausted of what our life has somehow put us through. Is there a way that we can make life easier on us? Easier on our bodies?

I think we tend to let our guard down most around the people we love and care for. Which is probably what makes us seem crazier at times, right?

I just read a blog too from some marriage bloggers and they mentioned how strange they feel that we are so excited to have sex outside of marriage, but in marriage it just feels like a chore. Why? Why doesn't sex take the opposite affect?

Of course when in verse 29 in Luke 14, the same happens in our relationships too. If the foundation isn't built right, and the couple falls or trips up, only will their friends mock or condemn or not even feel the slightest good about helping them up again or even believe in them because the faith is just not there. What if it could be the opposite though? What if the friends had actually took the other route and chose to help their friends see how much love was really there and encourage them to seek God again, and to not give up on their relationship and help them see that it's not failed if it was first rooted in Jesus?

Verse 34: "How shall its saltiness be restored?" In Christ and Christ alone.

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